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Providing our customers with a bulletproof mask with complete face armor protection was no simple task. But, we've accomplished just that — here are multiple tactical face masks and face guards that can take multiple rounds from various types of guns and ammo. Choose the ballistic mask that suits your needs. Each one provides optimal protection against FMJ 9mm, 40, 45, …

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Custom Made - Chevy Suburban Armor car, bullet proof car. Using the latest space age material available, we completely disassemble this NEW vehicle, install armor components, beef up suspension and reassemble the vehicle so that it looks and handles like it did before armoring.. It is delivered to you in about 60 days, complete with a global satellite voice communication …

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Here at Bullet Proof ME you will find a wide range of body armor and information to put the odds in YOUR favor. For police, security, military, and law-abiding civilians, we are light on marketing glitz, but heavy on what you need to know about ballistic protection and 'bullet-proof' vests.

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Performing to NIJ Level III Standard 0101.05, our Steel Plates are made from specially formed and treated ballistic steel - a 465 - 530 Brinnell hardness, average 500. Level 3 Stand-Alone means it stops .308 / 7.62 X 51mm FMJ rifle threats, with or without a vest. Easily stops lesser threats such as AK-47 FMJ or Mild Steel Core, 7.62 by 39mm.

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Bullet Guard custom designs, supplies, as well as installs bullet resistant / bulletproof kiosks, safety enclosures and modular ballistic barriers for varied industrial applications. With extensive in-house designing and fabricating capabilities, projects are guided from concept through design to manufacturing.

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Historically, modifying a vehicle to be bullet resistant was cumbersome and expensive because of heave and outdated, one size fits all window protection. TruArmor is at the forefront of vehicle innovation security solutions that protects and secures your most valuable assets, your family, friends and property.

Custom Made Bulletproof Vest Ultralight Concealed Level IIIA

A custom sized bullet proof vest, this special protective gear is concealable under clothing, and is light and easy to wear as long as needed. Protecting the front and back of the torso, it is Level IIIA. Trusted by Israeli security forces.

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Bullet-resistant vests are made from strong, tightly-woven fibers designed to absorb impacts and spread-out the energy from projectiles that hit the vest. Multiple layers of armoring slow and stop bullets and shrapnel, drastically reducing the risk of serious injury. Vests with higher-level protection also include metal plates.

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Don't rely on your carrier to stop high speed bullet fragmentation. All our Hard Armor Plates are Made in the USA by LTC, Leading Technology Composites, the worlds largest and most respected body armor manufacturer. Specific weights and sizes are listed below. All figures are nominal. Some variation based on manufacturing tolerance may apply.

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Custom sizes available by quote; ... Body armor or bullet proof vests can also be legally purchased at a gun show or in a brick and mortar store. You don't have to show any particular type of ID to do so and you're free to walk away from the purchase carrying or wearing that body armor or bullet proof vest.

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Bulletproof Everyone is the leading US manufacturer of premium, lightweight, and covert IIIA bulletproof clothing. Jackets, vests, hoodies and shirts.

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Our BulletBlocker Bullet Proof Backpacks were a market break-through back in 2007. The idea of a bulletproof backpack shield was unheard of at that time. No one even knew what "Threat Level IIIA" meant or whether or not used body armor was good (for anyon except criminals).

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Why not consider protecting yourself with a concealed bullet proof jacket. It's comfortable and enables you to move undercover with ease. This is because it is light, warm and fits your body with the ballistic protection. Well, do not worry about the size us we offer many sizes and even custom made body armor.

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Spartan Armor Systems is a ballistic body armor manufacturer and tactical gear supplier that works with a wide variety of clientele in the United States. We work with law enforcement, military personnel, first responders and civilians to provide quality threat protection at an affordable price.

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Contact Us! Invisible Armor. Secret Agent Bulletproof Cars. Contact Us! Custom Built in the USA. Contact Us! Armored vehicles, bulletproof cars, custom built and hand crafted. by Industry Leaders ... let us make you safe wordlwide! Call +1 903-482-5064.

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Bullet Proof Jacket and Bullet Proof Suit. If you work in security and you need to keep yourself protected, better use a bullet proof jacket that allows you to remain undercover. In fact, you can contact a supplier that will be …

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Our armored cars incorporate revolutionary lightweight armor that can amount to 500kg less than other armored vehicles in the market. In addition to this, state-of-the-art finish and standard protection coverage allow these vehicles to seek new heights in the automobile industry. ... Bullet-resistant Glass. ... Custom Vehicles: ...

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****Each Bullet Proof Garment is Professionally Custom Made to Persons Individual Size and require's 10 days to Manufacture. If you are looking for a discreet concealed bulletproof casual leather jacket with high level of protection, then this is one of the best bulletproof regular clothing vests money can buy.

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Custom Armoring Solutions How it Works 1 Choose Vehicle Browse our selection of vehicle ready to be armored for your protection. We turn regular vehicles into extraordinary bulletproof machines. 2 Select Protection Choose features that match your individual needs. Armormax® offers an array of add-ons to meet your needs against any threat. 3

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Army Protection Ak47 Resistant Military Body Armor Bullet Proof Steel Panel Sheet. Army Protection Ak47 Resistant Military Body Armor Bullet Proof Steel Panel Sheet. Unit Price: US $ 1659-2259 / Ton ... Wholesale Cheap Custom Made Fashion Cover Bullet-Proof Vest.

Custom Made Bulletproof Vest Ultralight Concealed Level IIA

A wonderful option for a bullet proof vest made to measure, this level 2A vest protects the back and the torso, and is thin and light so as to make it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, as well as ergonomically designed. It fits the standards of the NIJ Std, as well as the IDF Mil-spec, US Mil-std, DIN, NFPA, ASTM, EN, among others.

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Our custom design and emphasis on Safety, Efficiency and Comfort has helped us to maintain business with LASD, LAPD and over 220 other municipalities and agencies across the country. Our products are made with pride in Southern California and our American craftsmanship shows in every Tactical or External Vest Carrier we make.

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Bullet Proof Vests. SAMSON are Manufactures and Suppliers Bullet Proof Vests. All our Bullet proof vests are made according to the US NIJ Standard 0101.06 standard for Ballistic Resistance of Police Body Armor. SAMSON DEFENSE Provides a wide variety of Bullet proof vests, from a standard Front and back or full wrap Bullet proof vests.

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Bullet-resistant vests are made from strong, tightly-woven fibers designed to absorb impacts and spread-out the energy from projectiles that hit the vest. Multiple layers of armoring slow and stop bullets and shrapnel, drastically reducing the …