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Level IV ICW Body Armor. Bulletproof body armor made with the toughest materials to give you unheard of protection. We have multiple types of body armor. ... Concealable Enhanced Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA+. Hard Rifle Plate Level IV ICW. Tactical Enhanced Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA+. SHOWROOM: 5725 S. Valley View Blvd Suite #4

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Level 4 body armor is designed to protect against high-velocity rounds, so it is perfect for law enforcement officers and military personnel. However, if you are not in a profession that requires this level of protection, you may want to …

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The final item on our list of best body armor is the Armor Express Hard Bal Plate Carrier vest. It will accommodate level 3 or 4 hard or soft plates both front and back. It also has what the company calls a "dynamic cummerbund system" with integrated side pockets for more plates, and it features a rugged nylon shell that's water resistant ...

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At Premier we offer the Lightest and Strongest Level 4 Body Armor Plates on the market. Using Industry leading materials, including Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene ballistic core and tiled composite strike faces, to offer the maximum stopping power and keeping these armor plate lightweight. Made in the USA.

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Currently, level IV (level 4) body armor is the highest grade of personal hard plate armor. The better protection provided however, the heavier the body armor tends to be . If you need something that is more comfortable to wear, a light weight vest with Level IIIA protection level and curved plates may be a good option.

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Yes! our ballistic plates meet Level IV National Institute of Justice standard. Able to stop black-tip 5.56mm as well as .30-06-cal. APM2. (Armor Piercing Rounds), our Level IV Armor Piercing rated plates are multi-hit tested and are trusted in the …

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How strong is Level 4 body armor? The strongest level 4 body armor so far invented is the RMA 1189 Level IV plate.Utilizing a patented ceramic pattern array to control damage from each bullet strike, the RMA 1189 Level IV plate can be expected to protect the wearer from 5-7 rounds of M2AP ammunition.. Can Level 4 body armor stop 50 BMG?

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While many body armor plates claim to be "multi-curve", the ACC profile is a true multi-curve design providing the operator with the most comfortable fit of any ceramic level IV body armor plate. This advanced ergonomic design is especially important during extended duty engagements, typical of Law Enforcement, Security, and Military ...

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Point Blank Plate Carrier Bulletproof Body Armor Vest. When a threat situation escalates, simply don the Plate Carrier over your existing Point Blank Body Armor and immediately upgrade your protection. The carrier accepts 10" x 12" Level III or IV (Shooter's Cut) hard armor plates and offers multiple design features.

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In fact, body armor manufacturers avoid the term altogether when naming their products. Nothing is 100 percent bulletproof, and that includes Level IV body armor, which has stopping power up to armor piercing rifle ammunition. Types of Body Armor. The most popular piece of body armor is the ballistic tactical vest.

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Level IIa, II, and IIIA are soft armor inserts that are designed to stop pistol rounds, whereas Level III and IV are hard armor plates designed to stop rifle rounds. Still, Level II armor is the most popularly used armor level in the US, by both civilians looking to wear body armor, and by professionals who need it for their jobs.

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This soft body armor vest includes NIJ Certified soft armor inserts that provide full torso coverage, a 4-point adjustable strapping system and side opening design. With a ballistic thinness of just .35″, this concealable vest is great for all day use.

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Israel catalog's bulletproof vest is a secure design of level IV body armorcreated with civilian needs in mind. Made with a protective thermo- weldable nylon layer, the front, back armor plates are perfect for civilian situations. The vest is comfortable and gives the wearer freedom of movement while protecting them from harm.

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Spartan Armor Systems ® Spartan Armor Systems' new Hercules Level IV Ceramic Body Armor features a true multi-curve design. The Hercules offers full edge to edge protection, providing 10″ x 12″ edge of armor to edge of armor protection and is threat protection rated for armor-piercing rifles up to .30-06 M2 AP.

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CompassArmor Ultra Thin Bullet Proof Vest T-Shirt Concealable Kevlar Body Armor NIJ Level IIIA. From $290.00 $217.99. On Sale. CompassArmor Ultra Thin T-Shirt Vest Body Armor Concealed Bulletproof Made With Kevlar IIIA. From …

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In addition SK 4, the highest protection class, is specified to withstand three hits, while Level IV needs only to withstand one hit - although by a bigger caliber (7,62×63mm). HOSDB armor standard (United Kingdom) The Home Office Scientific Development Branch is governing standards and testing protocols for police body armor.

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BAO Tactical 3800 Hard Armor Plate - III, SA, 10x12, Full Cut, Multi-Curve. $481.50. 10x12 - $481.50. Add to wishlist. The 3800 Series Plate Using next generation materials, 800 SERIES plates are the lightest weight and highest quality... BAO Tactical 3810 Hard Armor Plate III+ SA Medium SAPI Cut 9.5x12.5 Multi-Curve.

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UN Standart Bulletproof Vest with design of level IIIA up to level IV (with additional hard plates) protective body armor with a guarantee of 5 years for the panels and 1 year for the vest. MSRP: $999.00

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For any performance level, NIJ's test protocol requires that the bullet does not perforate the vest and that the vest protects against blunt trauma. NIJ's stab resistance body armor standard specifies the minimum performance requirements for body armor to protect the torso against slashes and stabs from knives and spikes; it also describes the ...

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That's why we made this Level 4 version of BlueStone Safety Product's Grab and Go body armor vest. The Level 4 Tactical Grab and Go bullet resistant vest is proudly made in the USA and is proven to stop rifle rounds, handgun rounds, and armor piercing ammunition including .308, .762 x 39, .556, .223, and .30-06!

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The Level 4 BulletSafe Ballistic Ceramic Armor Plate fits securely in the pocket of the BulletSafe Bullet Proof Vest. It is 11 7/8 inches tall, 10 inches across, and 0.80 inches in depth. It is curved to fit close to your body, and features a nylon cover that protects it …

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SHOWROOM: 5725 S. Valley View Blvd Suite #4 Las Vegas, Nevada 89118 TEL: 702-829-4029

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Ballistic Body Armour. Armour-SA is a South African manufacturer of ballistic body armour. Our bullet proof body armor come in all sizes and are customized to fit your requirements. From the standard Kevlar patrol bullet proof vest to the tactical and reaction officer bullet proof vest, we meet the high quality standards of the NIJ/ISO.

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Your body armor needs to offer safety and protection to take on a number of obstacles with confidence. At TacticalGear.com, we make it easy to find an assortment of vital protective gear. Our plate carriers are designed to accept level III and …

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Level IV body armor will stop large caliber and armor piercing rifle threats up to .30-06 M2AP armor piercing rounds with a mass of 166 grains and velocity of 2880 ft/s. Our Level IV body armor plates has been ranked for protection and offers various levels of ballistic performance.

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For maximum protection against a high-grade military threat, Level IV body armor is the best option the market can provide: AR500 Armor's Level IV is tested to the NIJ's proposed 0101.07 standard as an RF3 plate, which is the highest protection listed.This protection rating means the plate can stop a .30 caliber Armor Piercing bullet, with a mass of 10.8g, at speeds of up to …

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Protection Level: NIJ 0101.06 Level IIA/II/IIIA, or update the level to NIJ III or IV by inserting hard armor plates Feature:Light weight and adjustable side closure design; Flexible girth and height adjustment; Front to back inserted with ballistic panel/plates. Tactical Vest

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Caliber Armor Level IV body armor is a cost-efficient ceramic/composite design that provides level IV protection. Finished with a CORDURA® nylon wrap, the 4401 plate is highly durable, water resistant and has enhanced resistance to tear and abrasions.

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This Berry Compliant vest also fits over soft body armor and accepts up to 10"x12" Level III & IV ESAPI or similar plates/plate backers. These Products Go Well with Plate Carriers In addition to plate carriers, there's also a wide range of MOLLE gear that …

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Level IV body armor is designed to be worn by soldiers, SWAT Team members, and Federal officers in the field. Level IV armor will offer the highest level of protection registered by the NIJ. The trade-off between the level of protection and wearability is the main point to think about when deciding which armor to wear.

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The F2 design as a Fire and EMS scalable body armor vest that will accommodate all sizes of optional hard armor rifle plates, Level III & IV in the front and back affording better coverage for the user based on body size. The oversize cummerbund has 3 points of expansion to fit a broader range of users and offers the best side coverage in the ...

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Level 4 body armor is the highest level of armor on the market, built to be the most rugged armor among all the body armor levels. As such, the main components of all level 4 body armor is a ceramic strike face and a composite backer. But that's where plates diverge between companies.

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Atomic Defense level 3 body armor can stop soft soft-steel and lead rounds. Well before some competition. To recap, level 3 body armor: Is weaker than 4, but stronger than 1, 2A, 2, and 3A. Is rigid (it's made of a hard material and must come pre-folded) Is lighter than 4, but heavier than 3A.

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NIJ recommendation standard, it's really a lazy rummage, discuss again In order to obtain the best protection effect for body armor level iv, in addition to the up and down position adjustment, the two sides need to be overlapped (at least 5cm) when side connection, so as to …

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The Tactical Entry Vest houses a pocket for a Shooter's Cut Level 4 Shock Plate in the front, and a similar pocket in the back of the vest for a Full Cut plate. When properly inserted, the Level 4 plates will protect your vital areas from rifle rounds, including .30 …

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When you are wearing a Level III-A vest you can save weight and thickness with a lighter Ceramic Rifle Plate that is Level IV with a Level III-A vest supporting. Our plates are Multi-Hit for standard rifle threats. When used with a Level III-A Vest Supporting, Detailed Ballistic Specifications below. Most sizes in stock for immediate shipment.

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The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest – Level IIIA+. Best Concealable Body Armor. The BulletSafe vest comes in the number one spot on the list due to it's size, weight, price, protection level, and reputation in the market. As of the time of this writing, the Level IIIA BulletSafe Vest comes in at $299.97 making it the lowest cost vest on this list.

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A vest with full hard ballistic body coverage would be very uncomfortable to wear during longer periods. LEVEL III vs Level IV Hard Armor. The main difference between Level III and Level IV hard armor is that Level IV armor stops armor-piercing rounds. Level III armor is not rated for armor-piercing ammunition.

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Premier Body Armor's Eagle Tactical Vest with Level IIIA Soft Panels is designed to keep you safe while on the job. This military-style tactical vest includes a MOLLE attachment system to allow you to customize your loadout. You can add holsters, magazine pouches, and other tactical gear directly on your vest for quick access.